Land Projects Archive

Last Light

Paint a scene from Kinloch, New Zealand, in fading light with instructor Richard Robinson, who shows how it can be done using classic techniques such as adding subtle grays and incorporating the 'glowing light' effect into your color mixes.

French Alps

Paint this exquisite alpine landscape in this tutorial featuring the French Alps! You'll practice and apply the basics of atmospheric perspective, dynamic brushwork, and more, then learn about the light diffusion effect with instructor Richard Robinson.

Grand Canyon

Paint all the majesty of the Grand Canyon in this more challenging tutorial! Here, you'll learn the basics of landscape painting, and how to simplify and separate a painting into 2 base values - shadow families and light families.

First Snow

This tutorial shows you how to paint a quiet snowy scene, with a tree as the focus. Learn to play with light and contrast to get the effect you want!