You may wonder, “Where can I find painting classes near me?” Don’t worry—this site is for you. The days of traveling to and from classrooms is no longer the only option. Thanks to the Internet, online courses (like this website) can follow you wherever you have an Internet connection. Learning to paint can now be as simple as visiting this website from your smartphone, tablet or computer. No need to research local classes and commit to weekly trips. No need to sift through endless expensive DVDs and browse countless books. It’s tiring, time-consuming, and after all that effort, there’s no guarantee you’ll be great. This website was created for all those thinking, “Where do I find painting classes near me?!”

Introducing: the 1st 30-part online course for painting 20 projects in 20 hours! is part of a family of educational sites tied to Since 1999 (which was nearly an eternity ago in Internet time), has become the go-to site for watercolor tutorials, attracting millions from all corners of the globe. offers an online video series for learning the foundation of oil, acrylic and watercolor painting, then applying those skills to 20 classic paintings of Earth. The lesson plan is split into bite-sized parts, with each part developed and taught by either award-winning painters or Richard Robinson. You can see some breathtaking parts of Earth and learn to paint at the same time.

Most websites like to chest-thump about how great they are. Rather than write more, here’s what one viewer, Kim Neal, sent in:

Overall I enjoyed the watercolor video very much. The artist is very talented, and speaks in a soothing voice. His sense of humor will be appreciated by a wide range of audiences. The fact that he left his mistakes in is comforting to a beginning watercolorist, and shows the viewer the artist’s true character—one of humility. He showed how to correct these mistakes as well, which is very helpful. I learned a great deal watching this video. The fact that it contained a landscape as well as a portrait was very nice. The video quality was excellent. I only remember one time that I saw something other than the painting…a few wisps of hair—and it didn’t detract from the experience at all.