Pull out your smartphone (or laptop or tablet), sign in to this site, and instantly watch video tutorials from professional painters and teachers. Whether you are a beginner or the most advanced, there will be lessons here for you. You’ll learn oil, acrylic, and watercolor painting without the price and pain of traveling to local classes. Learn at your own pace by playing, pausing, and replaying all the videos. Follow along with Richard Robinson and other award-winning artists, who have taught thousands around the world. Here are 4 quick benefits of signing up today…

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#1 – Designed For Those Seeking More Subject Matter And Practice

Our artists’ easy-going manner encourages you to have fun! You may not call yourself an “artist,” but you can still play with art. Even if you’ve never picked up a brush before, this website is for you.

#2 – Follow The Artist Step By Step, Part By Part As You Recreate Earths Beauties

Jump into action as you follow all of our award-winning artists through the process of recreating some of the earths beautiful sceneries. Not a pro? Don’t worry! As we said, you will learn the step by step process and learn as you go. Practice makes perfect!

#3 – Hours And Hours Of Video To Practice Your Painting Techniques

Imagine how much hours and hours of local classes will cost! Or hours and hours of DVDs! Our prices are very fair for the generous amount of video our artists provide. All filmed clearly with full audio. Play, rewind and restart videos over and over again if you prefer. You control the pace!

#4 – No Fancy Technology Or Super-Fast Internet Needed

If you’ve successfully watched videos on some website before, these videos should work on that same device. All purchases are protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: love it or your money back, no questions asked!